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  CAPTAINHOOK - Freelance Producer/Engineer

As the previous Head Engineer for York Street, CaptainHook is extremely familiar with the studio and all its nuances, and is now available to freelance at York Street. During his time with us at York St, he worked with a variety of artists and genres including Elemeno P, The Feelers, Brooke Fraser, Opshop, Motocade, Che Fu, Boh Runga, The Naked and Famous, Anika Moa, Nathan King, Peter Urlich, Hollie Smith, Autozamm (with Krish Sharma producing), Late 80's Mercedes, The Valves, Shotgun Alley, The Red Sea Buoys, Wing, The Earlybirds, Jesse Sheehan, Annah Mac, Operatunity, Souljah, Black River Drive, Jackie Clarke, Steve Abel, A Beautiful Chaos, Kadet, Atlanta Fall, and even tracking with The Black Eyed Peas for their own version of "Quando Quando Quando" for the movie "Nine" (starring Fergie) to name but a few.

Hook arrived at York Street after a decade of running Dudley Studios out of Hamilton. In that time he produced gold albums for Goodnight Nurse, and his own band 48May. Bringing an all in one approach from pre production through to mastering, Hook also created albums for Falter, Arms Reach, All Left Out, Vegas Brown, Stardrunk and the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band among others, as well as various singles/E.Ps for Fast Crew, Simple Day, Doppler, Quarter2, My Life Story, Radiator, Stu Strawbridge, Antagonist, and Kimbra.

Hook was no stranger having previously been called in for special projects by York Street, and has now called Auckland his new home. He has worked with many artists in the all important, but often overlooked pre production stages of recording. His extensive history as a working musician, songwriter, and live sound engineer gives him a sixth sense for what makes a song work.  During his tenure with 48May he has dealt with and made contacts with all facets of the entertainment industry, from TV to Radio to major labels, and NZonAir. He has also run a massively successful web site, which in today’s webcentric society is often one of the most powerful tools available to artists.

Much more than just a producer and photographer, Hook was and remains to be an incredibly experienced and invaluable asset to York Street and the artists that visit. Even though he has had a reputation as a ‘go to’ for pop rock, his tastes spread much further and is capable of, and enjoys a wide range of musical genres.

For more, visit www.captainhook.co.nz
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